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Lac Mitchell

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

489 acres of nature, 5 chalets and 4 seasons marketed to active families.

The 489-acre property includes four luxury chalets, a club house, lakes, rivers and an exceptional wild forest.


Nestled in the Laurentian mountains, Lac Mitchell offers four-season experiences in Quebec, combining nature’s serenity with upscale luxury and comfortable living spaces. This is a dream sanctuary for outdoorsy families.

For Herbie, this particular property could not be treated as an ordinary listing.

The specificities of the wilderness, the location just 20 minutes from Mont-Tremblant and the facilities make it the ideal second home or investment for specific buyers.

To find these buyers, Herbie uses his local expertise and creates a dedicated marketing campaign.

The property is photographed by helicopter during all four seasons. Promotional brochures and a dedicated website illustrate its uniqueness and rugged beauty.

The specifics of the land are presented on an interactive online map, allowing potential buyers to get a true sense of Lac Mitchell without even going to the property.

A 5 year development plan was also created by REL Real Estate Advisors to maximize market absorption and exit value of any real estate developer who would undertake the development of Lac Mitchell Estate.

In addition, Lac Mitchell is marketed through Sotheby's and Herbie's advertising channels, as well as local newspapers and international media.

Visit the Lac Mitchell website:

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