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Herbie has partnered with Alexandre Ethier and George Lathouras to form REL Realty Advisors. REL specializes in infrastructure development and strategy consulting.
REL is in no way affiliated with Sotheby's International Realty. 


What is Your Vision?

With over 15 years of experience in the Quebec market and many world-class properties under his belt, Herbie has partnered with Alexandre Ethier to form a real estate development and consulting company that pairs world-class experience with local knowledge to ensure profitable and beautiful results for its clients.

Alexandre Ethier is a construction specialist. With 30 years of experience under his belt, Alexandre has to his credit the delivery of over a hundred construction projects, with private, commercial, and institutional clients.

Some of his accomplishments include: 

  • Management, coordination, and delivery of more than one hundred projects (totaling more than $100M), excavation, civil engineering, and municipal infrastructure with commercial and institutional customers, including contractors, municipalities, governments. Situations of highly technical level emergency (MTQ road collapse).

  • Analysis, assembly, and conclusion of more than 700 hundred estimates/bids in excavation, civil engineering, and construction, totaling more than $400M.

  • Drafting and implementation of a “Health and Safety Prevention Program” and “Quality Management System” leading to ISO 9001 accreditation.

  • Management and execution of more than 30 residential buildings.

  • Realization of several other project management from other industries, such as IT (management of the design and installation of the largest network of transactional self-service kiosks in Ontario, TERANET).


 REL Realty Advisors is a consortium of real estate professionals who have been collaborating successfully on various projects for nearly fifteen years. REL Realty Advisors focuses on resort development, master-planned amenity properties, and residential communities. The founding partners have been involved in the real estate milieu of development, project management, and commercialization for many years.

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On the shore of Lac Tremblant, an 18-acre wooded lot sold with added value created by REL Realty Advisors



The NOVA Tremblant project began as a simple sale of a parcel of land.

His client's 18-acre lot is the last available location on the shore of beautiful Lac Tremblant.

A place like no other, in high demand on the market.

The property could have been sold just as land to anyone. However, Herbie's expertise and 20 years of experience showed him the potential for other opportunities.

That’s when Herbie’s REL Real Estate Advisors consulting firm launched its very first project.


The three founding partners combined their unique experience and real estate flair to analyze various possibilities with one goal in mind: adding value to the client.


The property is now being sold in three different lots.


REL Realty Advisors achieved their goal and created over $1M of value for their client.


  • Subdivision of 18 acres into 3 lots of 6 acres to maximize sale value.

  • Mitigate sales & closing risk by increasing number of buyers

  • Reservation process - 25,000$ refundable deposit to participate in the reservation process. Gathered 15+ reservations.